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Website Design Services for Small Businesses

Our Small Business Website Design Solutions are perfect for the new or existing small business that is ready to move onto the web. You won’t find high priced web solutions that require in depth IT knowledge in order to maintain and support.  Instead, you’ll find easy to use features that come standard with your account and will enable you to take control of your website and make updates in real time to reflect your current business environment. Best of all, our core services are only $45 per month!

Custom Designed Websites for Small Businesses

We create custom designed website providing you with a unique online presence that will serve your customers by providing them with information about your products, how to obtain support, where or how to contact you, plus much more. We have two ways to get started; first, if you don’t have a website you can browse our online selection of samples to get an idea of what you like and don’t like. Once you find a design we will customize it with your company colors, logos, pictures, and content. Our second option is to redesign your existing website to make it easier to update (see Real-time Content Updating below) and be more user friendly. Either way, you are in control and we will work with you to make your website a great online representation of your business.

Facebook Integration *

We now offer both Facebook Business Page creation (setting up a Facebook page for your business) and Customized Facebook Integration (linking your Facebook page to your website or website content).  Our services include:

  1. Creating a custom tab(s) across the top of the page and personalizing the content on each tab to reflect your business.
  2. Linking your website to your Facebook page.
  3. Providing you with Facebook icons and badges to help promote your page.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We have over 10 years of search engine optimization (SEO) experience which allows us to help you by raising your Google & Yahoo rank / page placement. Without the proper SEO techniques, potential customers may never be able to find your products, services, or website when searching on Google and/or Yahoo. When you hire us to search engine optimize your site, we will modify your website code to take advantage of the latest SEO trends and techniques. While we can’t guarantee your website will be ranked higher in the major search engines (nobody can guarantee this – be leery of any company that claims they can), the results of our search engine optimization (SEO) techniques have never lowered a clients rank in any search engine!

Real-time Website Content Updating

Our administrative interface is very intuitive and easy for anyone to use. In fact, if you have ever used Microsoft Word then you will have no problem using our interface – they look almost identical! With our interface you can update the content on your website anytime, day or night, by simply typing or cutting & pasting your new content in the editor box and clicking submit. It’s that simple! We have an entire section dedicated to showing customers how to use the admin interface. Click here to visit the support section.

Mobile / Phone Optimized Web Pages *

“Smartphone use is gathering steam in the U.S. as 40% percent of American adults now use their cell phones to surf the Web, e-mail, or use instant messaging”, according to a study from Pew Research Center in Washington. As more and more people turn to mobile devices to access the web is your business prepared to provide them a positive web experience? Not sure, try accessing your website from a few different smart phones ans asking yourself if the website was easy to see? …easy to navigate? …was your contact information readily available? ….if you answered no to any of these questions you need to seriously consider offering a “mobile phone” landing page to help support your mobile based customers and grow your business online!

Domain Branded Email Accounts

Email is a powerful tool that can help, or hurt, your business. Small businesses that use email addresses at public sites like yahoo, hotmail, AOL, gmail, and others do not convey a sense of trust, security, and longevity when compared to businesses that use email addresses based on their domain name. For example, if you use an email address of compared to an email address of – one of them appears more legitimate than the other. Our solution offers up to 10 domain branded email addresses specific to your business..

Website Availability

We contracted our web & email hosting to one of the leading managed service providers in the world …and it just so happens they started out right here in the Metro-East area as a small business a decade ago! They offer 24x7x365 availability and 99.99% up time. This means the servers are down for less than 1 hour each year!!! With this kind of reliability you can rest assured your website will always be available when your customers decide to visit.

Huge Selection of Website Templates for Small Businesses

Are you ready to get started but not sure what you want your website to look like? Maybe you want to re-brand your existing website with a great new look & feel? Either way, we have hundreds of templates for you to browse. Once you’ve found a template you like write down the name and email us. We will contact you soon afterwards to discuss our services and hopefully begin a long partnership.

eCommerce Solutions for Small Businesses*

Are you a small business owner that’s ready to start selling your products or services online? If so, Green Apple Webs can help you get started. Unfortunately, due to the variance and inherent complications of setting up an eCommerce solution we cannot include the service in our $45 per month package, but we can offer solutions at a fraction of the cost larger web development companies charge. You can learn more about our eCommerce solutions by visiting our eCommerce page.

Latest Web Technology

We use the latest technology when custom designing your website. You can have streaming video, multiple contact forms, news letters, fly-out menus, and much, much more. Our developers have experience with ASP, HTML, DHTML, SPRY, XHTML, XML, SQL and other programming languages commonly used when creating websites.

Traditional Advertising Opportunities

While this is not our core business, we understand the value of traditional advertising and to better serve our small-business clients, we have a few opportunities to advertise with merchants in the metro-east St. Louis area including Schnucks Supermarkets in Edwardsville & Swansea, Our Health Club & Spa in Edwardsville, America Fitness in Troy, and Apex Fitness in Highland.

Ready to Get Started?

Pricing starts at $550 for Small Businesses and we also offer monthly payment options.  Call us at 618.650.8078 to get started.

* Facebook, Mobile Pages, and eCommerce Solutions are available for additional fees