Tyler Lowe
President & Lead Developer
Phone: 618.650.8078

As President, Tyler is responsible for managing the strategic business and long term operations of Green Apple Webs.

As Lead Developer, Tyler oversees the design and development of all web projects.  Working closely with his talented team of designers and developers, Tyler helps shape the clients vision into a functional website or application.

Tyler has over 15 years of website design and web application development experience in numerous fields including Financial Services, Transportation, Logistics, Agricultural, Manufacturing, Medical and Professional.

Tyler holds multiple industry certifications and has a bachelors degrees from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville.

In his own words, “I enjoy working with other small businesses by helping them utilize the web to grow their business.  Seeing another small business succeed and knowing Green Apple Webs was a small part of their success story is a great feeling!”


Lauren Fester, Website & Graphic DesignerLauren Fester
Website & Graphic Designer
Phone: 618.650.8078

As a Website & Graphic Designer Lauren has dual responsibilities including managing the creative aspects of most website designs as well as brand and marketing responsibilities for many Green Apple Web customers.

Lauren has over 4 years of graphic design and 3 years of website design, primarily focusing on small business and non-profits.  Lauren has received numerous accolades for both her graphic and website designs.

Lauren graduated from Lindenwood University with honors where she was a dual major in Graphic Design & Website Design.

In her own words, “I love web design because it is the perfect way for me to use my creativity and logic at the same time. It also gives me the ability to help small business’ thrive and progress with every new advancement in technology. Locally owned “mom and pop” business’ are what keep our communities unique and familiar – and it makes me smile knowing I’ve helped them hold onto their dream.“


Courtney McLearin
Graphic Designer
Phone: 618.650.8078

Image and background information coming soon!





Carter Lowe, Website DesignerCarter
Intern – Website Design
Phone: 618.650.8078

As an intern at Green Apple Webs, Carter participates in the entire website design process including initial client interviews, graphic design sessions, web development (coding), and post implementation customer support.

Carter is currently enrolled at Lincoln Land Community College (LLCC) and will transferring to Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville (SIUE) in the fall of 2012 where he will major in CMIS, part of the nationally recognized School of Business at SIUE.  Carter also holds a Website Design Certificate from LLCC.

In his own words, “I enjoy website design because it enables me to combine my interests of graphic arts and technology into one profession. Working as a designer not only allows me to boast my creativity, but challenges my logical and problem-solving skills”.

Marketing Specialist & Content Writer
Phone: 618.650.8078

As a marketing representative and creative writer for Green Apple Webs, Robin has dual responsibilities including interacting with our customers over the phone or in person and writing content for the websites designed by Green Apple Webs.

Robin has over eight years of active creative writing experience and has recently had some of her writing published.  Robin is a currently enrolled at SIUE and will graduate next May.

In her own words, “I am so excited to contribute here at Green Apple Webs. I LOVE people, and am excited to have the opportunity to talk and meet one-on-one with real everyday people, our small business owners! I also love putting my pencil and paper to work on these websites and utilize my creative writing skills!