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We offer a full range of web development, design, and web application solutions.

Whether you are looking for someone to update your existing website, design a new look / feel for your Small Business, or build you a custom web application, Green Apple Webs should be your 1st choice.

We specialize in integrating all kinds of website tools, plugins, options, and features with your Small Business website.  If you want an online calendar, or need an online newsletter created …we can do it.  Do you want a custom form to collect special information from your customers or would you like Google maps and driving directions on your website …if so, we can do it!

Green Apple Webs is your Small Business web development partner.  No job is too small and very few are too large for us to handle.  Call us today at 618.650.8078 to learn more.

We can integrate numerous web services into your website including:

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  • Event Calendars
  • Customer Surveys
  • Facebook Business Page
  • Twitter Feed
  • Photo Galleries
  • Custom Forms
  • Click to Chat
  • Mega Menus
  • Blogs & Press Releases
  • Online Store / eCommerce
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  • Customer / Client Testimonials
  • Google Maps & Driving Directions
  • Custom 404 Error Pages
  • Banner Advertising
  • Google AdSense or AdWords
  • Google Analytics
  • Reservation Systems
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • XML Sitemaps & HTML Sitemaps
  • Videos (Youtube, Vimeo, and others)
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We offer Content Management Systems for Small Business websites.  Our Content Management Solution is quickly becoming our most popular. If you are tired of waiting on you current website developer / provider to make updates when they feel like it then we have a solution you will love.  Our Content Management Solution for Small Businesses allows you to easily make updates to your website any time without knowing any HTML or other web language …and best of all, your websites code is protected so you can’t mess up the framework of your website.  To learn more visit the Small Business Content Management System page today or call us at 618.650.8078 to learn more about our Small Business Content Management System solutions.

We offer custom Facebook Integration for Small Businesses.  Have you ever wanted to make your Facebook page to be branded more like your website?  Maybe you want a special tab created to welcome your Facebook visitors before they ‘Like’ your business …or maybe you want a ‘Deals’ or ‘Coupons’ tab created to reward your customers.  With our Small Business Facebook integration services we can do all the above and more!  Visit our Small Business Facebook Integration page or call us at 618.650.8078 to learn more.

We offer Search Engine Optimization Solutions for Small Businesses.  We offer a range of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Solutions for Small Business.  We can analyze your webpage code and make recommendations based on the latest SEO best practices …or we can rewrite your pages to take advantage of the latest SEO trends.  We also offer inbound / outbound linking solutions that will help move your website higher in the Google, Yahoo, and Bing page rankings.  Visit our Search Engine Optimization Solutions page or call us at 618.650.8078 to learn more.

We offer eCommerce Solutions for Small Business and Mid-Sized Organizations.  Whether you want to sale 1 item, 10 items, or 10,000 items online we can help you get your online store up and running.  We have built over a dozen eCommerce solutions from the very basic pay with PayPal button to full featured sites with thousands of products, customer profiles, QuickBooks integration, and more.  To learn more visit the eCommerce solutions page today or call us at 618.650.8078 to learn more about our eCommerce solutions.

We build Web Applications for Small Businesses.  We have built a number of different custom applications …from blogs, rating systems, online surveys, and customer profile management systems to special content uploading and private access pages for sales teams.  We can build just about anything you can imagine.  Please call us at 866-434-2066 to discuss your needs or to ask questions about our custom small business web application development.