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Search Engine Optimization for Small Businesses

The purpose of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to increase a Website’s traffic (visitors), and ultimately conversions, by increasing the websites ranking in the results section of searches for the keywords, products, or services offered by the business.

Search Engine Optimization should make the website’s content worthy of higher search engine ranking by being more relevant than the competition’s. The SEO process is often characterized as a struggle to rank higher for a few keywords, instead of a struggle to meet the needs of the potential customers entering the search.  If you search on your best keywords and phrases you will find the top sites listed in the Google & Yahoo rankings.  To capture or re-direct this traffic to your site you will need to rank higher in the search results than those top websites.

Our Search Engine Optimization techniques allow us to optimize your website and improve your overall ranking which translates into increased traffic and increased profits.  Our expertise in search engine optimization will allow your small business to capitalize on the fast growing medium every known …the World Wide Web. You can take advantage of our experience by asking for a comprehensive SEO report or by hiring us to improve your website and search engine ranking.  Our rates are very competitive and start at $100 per page with discounts for large sites.

Note: You cannot boost your Google and Yahoo rank by simply adding Meta tags and submitting your site to a hundreds of search engine directories. While this may help sites that have never used these features, it is not a Search Engine Optimization solution.

The first step in obtaining considerable website traffic is to try and obtain first-page search engine results.  This is a big task, but you can start by building a great content-rich and content-relevant website. One of the last steps is to properly submit your new website to search engines.  In the middle are a bunch of steps which are VITAL if you want to obtain better results. Most website owners bypass the middle VITAL steps because they either think it is too complex, not worth the effort, or they simply forget in their excitement to publish their website.  Without knowledgeable search engine optimization, your website is fated to gradually sink in the search engine results.  The following FREE advice describes the 9 steps you need to take in order to choose, analyze, combine and add keywords to your site as well as how to submit your site to the top search engines, use social media to boost your ranking, monitor your ranking through analytics, and how to start building inbound links.

  1. Search Engine Optimization Overview
  2. How to Select Keywords
  3. How to Find Your Competitors Keywords
  4. How to Combine Keywords into Phrases
  5. How to Add Your Keywords into Content
  6. How to Submit Your Website to Search Engines
  7. Consider Social Media, Site Intent, and Engagement Options
  8. How to Check Your Search Engine Ranking
  9. Start Over / Repeat the Steps Above …Often!

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