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Website Usage & Analytical Reports

Are you fully utilizing usage and analytical reports about your website?

Did you know Google offers the most comprehensive website analytical and website usage solutions for free?

Google’s solution is not difficult to setup within your website, but if you are not familiar with the back-end coding you may need a website design partner to help you get the code implemented correctly and Green Apple Webs would love to be the partner you call.  We have a ‘packaged solution’ around this service that is very economical for any small business.

For only $100 per website, we will:

  • Create your Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools Accounts
  • Implement the proper code on every page of your website
  • Create monthly reports in PDF format that show compare your website to the previous month
  • Email your analytical reports to you at the end of each month

To learn more about this solutions, call us at 618.650.8078 or email us at


Sample Dashboard report for a Green Apple Webs customer

Google Analytics Sample

Sample Traffic Report

Google Analytics Traffic Report Sample

Sample Referral ReportGoogle Analytics Referring Sources Example